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Bearaby Weighted Blankets | Sustainable, Breathable

Bearaby Weighted Blankets
Many people suffer from anxiety. For them, it can be quite troublesome to have a good night’s sleep, as they toss and turn and feel restless – even when they sleep. One of the things that can be quite helpful in overcoming that feeling of restlessness is the feeling of being hugged or held. For those sleeping alone, finding the perfect weighted blanket Bearby has to offer to replicate that feeling is absolutely paramount.

We believe that real rest should be simple, natural and drug-free. That’s why we design beautiful, functional and medically beneficial products that are manufactured sustainably from organic and natural materials. With our weighted blankets, self-care is a privilege that can be embraced by anyone.

***Tip of The Day

Deeper Sleep
A weighted duvet can help you fall asleep faster and reach deeper sleep.

Reduce Stress
Studies have shown reductions of cortisol levels when using a weighted blanket.

Sense of Security
Many people experience an increased sense of security when using a weighted blanket.