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Brentwood Home® – Mattresses, Pillows, Yoga Cushions

Brentwood Home is the Affordable bio-based memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses & hybrid mattresses sustainably made in USA in our Climate Neutral Certified® factory. Designed in California, and hand-crafted in our workshops in Los Angeles, our products are 100% made in the USA. Our eco-friendly materials include bamboo, organic cotton, wool, kapok, organic latex, and soy wax.

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Our mission: do better. Use more natural, recycled, and innovative materials from the best domestic and international sources. Consume less energy, create less waste, and fight climate change. If we all opt for quality over quantity, shop consciously, pursue social justice, and rethink our relationship with our planet, peace and sustainability is possible. Brentwood Home is owned by Avocado Green Brands.