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Patio Covers for Outdoor TVs, Fire Pits, Firewood, Custom BBQ Grill Covers

Covers & All Custom outdoor covers to protect outdoor garden furniture. The covers to protect all of these upgraded options? One-size-fits-all factory covers of poor quality. Sophisticated tailor-made covers whose premium quality matched the furniture they protected were non-existent.

Did you know that twelve million tons of furniture end up in landfills every year? And the worst part is, over half the time the furniture itself would have been completely fine if it had been properly stored or protected.

Covers & All is here with a solution for all your outdoor furniture storage woes that will also help alleviate some of that environmental stress: protective custom and industrial covers and tarps as well as custom cushion covers, pillow covers, outdoor mattress covers, and more.

Get ready to start protecting your outdoor furniture and get the most of every piece.

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  • Wide variety of protective furniture covers, pillow & cushion coverstarps, accessories, and more to keep your outdoor pieces in pristine condition
  • High quality fabrics and carefully designed styles
  • Completely custom covers available
  • Add years of longevity to furniture
  • Coupon codes often available
  • Highly rated by customers 
  • Product guarantee 
  • Free shipping on all orders over $99