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Minicoders The Play-to-Learn Platform


The Play-to-Learn Platform where kids grow coding skills inside the Roblox Metaverse through fun and inmersive game-based experiences. minicoders. Learning logic concepts while having fun has never been easier. There is no other platform that has Companion Apps, Parental Controls.  Minicoders is a platform designed to educate children in the basics of programming, through a metaverse where they play to learn.

Minicoders aims to encourage learning of computer programming for children between the ages of 6 to 12 years by converting their screen time into both productive and entertaining hours.

Minicoders has made Minicoders Kids, an educational app with videos and a virtual assistant to introduce informative concepts. It has also created Roblox gaming experience, where children can practice the concepts learned.

***Tip of The Day

First educational platform to teach kids programming via metaverse gaming. The platform is developed to guarantee the safety of children, allowing parents to supervise their activity.

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