Sports And Outdoors

Let’s take it outside: 4 reasons why outdoor recreation matters

Fitter, faster, stronger

Outdoor adventures provide a wide range of physical and mental benefits. For starters, they promote aerobic capacity, cardiovascular health, and muscular strength. Exposure to sunlight is paramount for vitamin D absorption which is directly related to bone health and fights off diseases that range from osteoporosis to cancer. Outdoor physical activity boosts endorphins and helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression while increasing self-esteem, self-confidence, and creativity as well as sharper thinking. hiking, rock climbing, canyoning, skiing or snowshoeing, to name a few, you can find the perfect outdoor adventure activity to feel stronger, more vital and energized. Most of these activities will also work your coordination skills and concentration. Keep in mind as well, that there is no age restriction to begin, all you need is the right program for your fitness level. In fact, even children as young as two years old can start rock climbing in the form of play, and in doing so begin developing motor skills and physical strength.

A break from devices

In this day and age of technological breakthroughs, everyone would agree that it has its pros and cons. While mobile phones, the Internet, or the basic computer have made everyone’s lives better, it is still undeniable that this technology has also caused a few other activities to be pushed aside. Walk around the streets and the majority of the people are either on their smart phones or listening to their MP3 players, as if saying to anyone who passes them by to mind their own business. It has to be said that at some point, these gadgets have alienated people from each other.
The good thing is that a new concept has been introduced which encourages people to go for gadget or social media detox; that is, keeping their hands, eyes, and ears away from the computer or phone and just focus on other things. One of the activities that people who go through this detox can engage in is exploring the great outdoors. It is that time when people go out and bask into nature uninterrupted by a text message or a phone call. Surprisingly, experts say that outdoor activities can reap as many benefits as staying online can.

Physical Benefits

Every outdoor activity entails some form of physical activity. Whether it is sports related or just plain walking around the park, these activities encourage physical exercise which is good to improve one’s well-being. Going for a brisk walk in the morning is a good way to catch Vitamin D from the sunlight. Engaging in simple games can develop physical agility and proper body coordination.

Personality Development

Living in a fast paced environment can wear a person down. As such, exploring the outdoors allows a person to free his mind from the stresses and demands of work. Going away for a weekend to explore other places encourages a person’s sense of adventure and takes his mind off from the hustle and bustle of the corporate jungle. By engaging in outdoor activities, a person develops his self-confidence and creativity by making things around him interesting.

Mental Exercise

During hiking, camping, and backpacking, physical body parts are not the only ones that get exercised. Even the mind can benefit from these physical activities. When using a map to navigate a particular area, it encourages a healthy mental health. While exploring the great outdoors and the mind is free to explore, it develops learning.

Improved Behavior

As people come in to contact with others, certain behavior can be developed. Learning how to act in front of a large crowd or work together with a team are some of the things that can be developed when a person engages in activities that require him to work with others. The values of sharing, problem solving, and cooperating are learned.

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